Royal Wedding of Landshut Award

In 1475 Duke George the Rich of Landshut married the Polish Princess Jadwiga (Hedwiga).

The citizens of Landshut commemorate this extraordinary event with a big festival taking place every four years. With about 2,000 participants dressed in historical costumes and around 800,000 visitors from all over the world, the „Royal Wedding of Landshut“ is one of the largest events of its kind.

The next „Royal Wedding of Landshut“ is taking place:
June 2021 until July 2021.

The German Amateur Radio Club e.V.(DARC, section Landshut, DOK U-08) and the Union of Radio Amateurs of the German Federal Post (VFDB, section Landshut, DOK Z-76) issue a special award which can be obtained by all radio-amateurs and SWLs during the year of this performance.

The next possibility to work this award is during 2021 – from 01. January 2021 to 31. December 2021.

For further information about the „Royal Wedding of Landshut“ visit the website:
Conditions for application

For the application, a minimum of 1475 points is necessary; to following rules apply:
Station Points
HF DX Stations all other Stations

DL0LA / DQ0L / DQ7A (U08)
DL0LAT / DL1E (Z76)

1 x 475 1 x 475

Stations of Landshut
(DOK U08 and Z76)

250 125

All applicants must work one of the mentioned clubstations DL0LA, DQ0L, DQ7A, DL0LAT, DL1E.

Only the first contact with one of these clubstations accounts for 475 points. All further contacts with clubstations and all other stations located in Landshut count 125 Points, and 250 points in case of HF DX contacts (i.e. for stations outside Europa).

QSOs via Echolink or Packet-Radio are excluded; there is no further restriction with respect to bands or modes.

For this award each station can only worked once.

Please send the application for award together with the relevant extract from the logbook and 8 Euros or 13 US-Dollars to:

Guenter Neudert, DK4YB
Inholzen 4
84434 Kirchberg